Using Hazardous Material or Biological Agents in Animals

Use of Hazardous Materials or Biological Agents in Animals

Research protocols may require the use of hazardous materials (radioisotopes, tumor cells, etc.) or biological agents (viruses, bacteria, rickettsia) in animals. The IACUC protocol, which details all aspects of animal use in the project, asks investigators to describe these procedures in detail. During completion of the IACUC protocol, the investigator should contact Mr. Chris Kuhlow (for biological agents; 632-3717) and/or Mr.Sean Harling (for radioactive materials; 632- 9676) for classification and requirements for working with biological agent(s), tumor cells and for any required licenses or permits.

All investigators who are working with animals must review the Vertebrate Animal Biosafety Level Criteria in the CDC/NIH Biosafety in Medical and Biomedical Laboratories (

To determine what Biosafety level must be used when working with any biological material, review the Risk Group Classification for Infectious Agents (

If tumors or cell lines are obtained from extramural sources and are being used in animals, they must be screened for the presence of adventitious viruses prior to their use. Contact DLAR for information on submitting samples for testing.

The investigator should also contact a DLAR Veterinarian to discuss appropriate animal housing and protocols for working with the animals.