School of Medicine Bridge Funding

The School of Medicine offers bridge funding opportunities whereby certain SOM faculty members who submitted a competing grant and received a non-fundable score might be eligible for bridge funding.  Bridge funding will be announced to department chairs and reviewed 3 times/year during the months of July/August, November/December and March/April:

  1. Investigators seeking bridge funding must have received external funding (via funded NIH R01 grant or equivalent) within the year prior to application and have reapplied for funding.
  2. All start-up funds by the PI must have been expended.
  3. The faculty members will submit a letter from their department chair and signed by their department administrator indicating their willingness to support the application and match the budget.
  4. The faculty member will submit their unfunded grant proposal, summary statement and response to summary statement to the bridge funding review committee.
  5. The grant application should have received a numeric priority score and percentile within 20 percentile points of the payline for that institution.  Grants that were farther from funding, or triaged, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  In the event that bridging is requested on the basis of a failed A1 and A2 application (and hence cannot be resubmitted), a plan must be submitted for a compelling new application based on the PI’s progress report and preliminary data.
  6. Faculty requiring bridging may ask for a total of up to $60K (up to 30K from the Dean’s office, to be matched by the same amount from their department).  A detailed budget and justification should be included.  Technician/graduate student/post-doctoral fellow salary support will be allowed, and salary support for PIs on a 50% line will be considered.
  7. Questions should be directed to Jacqueline Nicoletto at