OSA Outreach

Contact Info:
Jennifer Proctor, MPS
Grants Analyst
Office of Scientific Affairs
Phone: 631-444-8342

All proposals must be submitted to the Deans Office five (5) business days prior to deadlines to ensure a full review/ approval.
All Submissions Must Include:


  • Non-technical abstract
  • Effort for all SOM Faculty (faculty effort not to exceed 5% aggregate cost sharing SOM cap at the time of application)
  • Current Conflict of Interest disclosures (COI's) on file for all participating faculty 
  • Budget- For the purposes of the review in the Deans Office budgets are evaluated for State Faculty salary & effort calculations, and non-routine cost sharing (Please note: The SOM defines the base salary to include administrative stipends and location pay as representing 100% of effort)
  • Modular budgets are required to have a detailed personnel section to include effort and salaries of all SOM State Faculty
  • Budget Justification (showing faculty effort)
  • Facilities & Resources Page
  • Letters of support if required (e.g.: non-typical cost sharing, or application requiring institutional nominations)
  • For industry clinical trials only: SOM Clinical Research Agreement; Clinical Research Agreement form to be used for industry sponsored drug or device trials in lieu of IFR offset mechanism (located within MR in the General Proposal Information section, #7)

Please note: These forms do not need to be uploaded into myResearch.  For reference purposes only. 
 SOM CRA Policies and Procedures
 SOM CRA Options Guide
 SOM CRA Offset Agreement Form
 SOM CRA myResearch Instructions Sample

Cost Share Exceptions:
The only time the standing SOM cost share policy (5% cap/ per annum) can be excused is in the following situations:

  • If it is a research trial cooperative group study (U Mechanism), or Registry (use SOM CRA last box option)
  • If it is a NIH Mentored Research K Series submission with a public sponsored RFA (the RFA must be included in the submission)
  • Where published sponsored policy prohibits faculty salary or sets a maximum allowable
  • Guidance for PI/Sr. Personnel applying for uncapped nonprofit sponsored research:
    • NIH Modular budget parameters (ie: $250,000 per year or less)
    • Total compensation calculated on the basis of NIH caps inclusive of fringe calculation

Budget/ Budget Justification Exceptions:

  • The only time we do not require both the budget and budget justification is if the submission is a clinical trial cooperative group study
  • Budget justifications are not necessary with a clinical trial (protocol, statement of fees, & accrual charges are included instead)

Things to note:

  • Collaborators need to be listed on the Additional Personnel section in MR (SOM anticipates all faculty participating in research grants to be either directly funded (RF faculty) or IFR offset). Please note: The NIH prohibits a consultant from being at the same institution as the PI.
  • If somebody is a collaborator they must be listed as such in the budget justification.  If a collaborator is listed at 0% effort the 0% must be justified in the budget justification.
  • 0% effort is acceptable for education grants/ training grants, doctoral fellowships/ dissertation grants, conference support grants, equipment grants, supplements that may have special consideration, registries
  • There is a difference between the two following statements: 1) State faculty who is volunteering time (i.e.: cost share) vs. 2) Voluntary faculty (zero effort)
  • We do not have to honor previous cost share with competitive renewals
  • We do have to honor previous cost share with non-competitive renewals (continuations)
  • We only monitor SOM faculty effort (not post-docs, grad students, & faculty from other colleges like SOMAS, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, & Marine & Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Retro-active AMR’s will only be approved within the past 3 months of the current request date

SOM Faculty must have effort on No-Cost Extensions; cost-shared effort is acceptable as long as it is within the 5% SOM CS Cap (0% effort is not acceptable unless somebody is being removed from the project)

Q: Can I apply for a grant?
A: Only Stony Brook faculty may apply for grants or submit applications for contractual research agreements. Fellows without a faculty title must have a faculty member sponsoring their research. A fellow's application may include a statement from their Chairman committing to a RF faculty appointment if the application is funded.
Q: How do I know if I am at the cap for annual cost sharing?
A: Email Jennifer Proctor @ Jennifer.proctor@stonybrookmedicine.edu and she will send you your current faculty cost share report.
Q: Why did I receive an effort MOU?
A: You received the MOU for effort certification because you are joint appointed faculty with the VA. The USPHS (public health service) requires that all salaried faculty from any branch of the public health service are to complete the MOU to ensure that there is no risk of dual compensation due to an overlap of activities.  Agencies that fall under this requirement are those directed by the Secretary of Health. They are the NIH, CDC, HRSA, USAID.