Office of Clinical Award Administration

Andria Adler
(631) 638-4490 

The Office of Clinical Award Administration is your PARTNER in the sponsored project* submission processes.

This office will assist you, as much or as little as you feel comfortable, with the proposal submission and management process; including, but not limited to, the following options:

  • locating funding opportunities based on your targeted research interest;
  • budget creation; 
  • assistance with internal routing process/package;
  • sponsor package creation; 
  • manage sub-awards as part of the proposal process;
  • work with Jr. Faculty members and Grad Students on their submissions; 
  • review and revise proposals based on sponsor guidelines (providing there is time before sponsor/internal deadlines); and
  • managing document gathering for Just In Time request from sponsors.

If you need assistance in the proposal and submission management process that is not listed, please call our office.

We will also work with incoming facility members to transfer awards and navigate internal SBU/SBM systems and procedures. If a new staff member is bringing an award with them, please have them contact our office as soon as their offer letter is signed.

The Office of Clinical Award Administration is also tasked with keeping clinical researchers up-to-date on sponsor policy and changes. Current resources include our Quarterly Newsletter and Yammer page.

* A sponsored project is either a Grant, Contract, Fellowship, or Cooperative Agreement. Please contact us for Clinical Trial Services