Facility Access Information

Obtaining DLAR Facility Access

The DLAR security system secures all animal facilities. All DLAR staff and research personnel are required to have their ID cards activated for DLAR access.

To obtain activation you must:

  1. Attend the OLAW training course on the regulations and DLAR policies;
  2. Obtain approval from Occupational Medicine;
  3. Be added to the IACUC protocols under which you will be working;
  4. Complete the on-line training modules assigned to you at the OLAW course and print out your certificates of completion;
  5. Bring the Individual Security Access form to the DLAR office with the information below.

Research personnel must complete an Individual Security Access form (click here and print form out or obtain a form from the DLAR main office) and include the following information:

  1. Name, department and principal investigator;
  2. IACUC approval number of project;
  3. Building location(s) where access is required;
  4. Days of the week and hours when access is required;
  5. Signature of the individual requesting access;
  6. Signature of the principal investigator

Personnel must bring their SBU photo identification card when they apply for a access. The business office will verify that the person requesting access is listed on an approved IACUC protocol. Once the Occupational Medicine approval, IACUC approval, attendence to the OLAW course and completion of on-line training are confirmed, a request will be made to the SBU Police Department to activate the card.

Click here to view the DLAR policy on card access.