Ordering Animals/Delivery Information

How To Order Animals


Depending on the funding source, the investigator must complete either a State or Research Foundation requisition. Requisition forms are available through each investigator's departmental office. The following information must be included on the form:

  • IACUC protocol number
  • Account number
  • Investigator's signature
  • Research contact person and phone number
  • Specifics on the species- i.e., strain, age and/or weight, sex

The signed requisition must be brought down to the main DLAR office. The order may also be faxed (444-8843), however the original copy will be needed for the Purchasing Department.

IACUC approval

Before placing an animal order, the Business Office must verify that the investigator's IACUC protocol is current and that the order does not exceed the approved animal allotment. Orders will not be placed if the protocol has expired or if the order exceeds the number of animals approved. In the event this occurs, the Business Office will notify the research contact person. The investigator must then contact the Office of Research Compliance (444-9036) regarding the status of his/her protocol. The order will be placed once the Business Office receives either verbal or written protocol approval from the Office of Research Compliance.

Animal Deliveries

When planning experiments, investigators should be aware of the time normally required between placement of an animal order and delivery of those animals by the commercial vendor. Please note that unusual animals may require additional time for delivery. Holiday schedules and/or inclement weather may also change normal delivery days; in these cases, please contact the DLAR Office (444-2194) for scheduling information.

For regular delivery of rodents, the order cut-off time/day to place your order with DLAR, and the scheduled delivery days, are as follows:


Order Cut-Off

Delivery Day (if Max-Iso, large animals = following week)

Taconic 12 p.m. Thursday Wednesday
Jackson 12 p.m. Thursday Wednesday
Charles River 12 p.m. Thursday Tuesday
Harlan 12 p.m. Thursday Wednesday

Please note: If you are ordering rodents to be housed under maximum isolation conditions, a two-week waiting period between placement of the order and delivery of the animals is required. This time period is needed to assure space for housing and to sterilize necessary equipment.

For delivery of all other laboratory animal species, please contact the Business Office (444-2194).

If you have special housing needs, please contact Mike Cahn (444-6956) at least two weeks in advance of placing your order.