Resource Exchange List

In an institution as large as Stony Brook University, it can be difficult to effectively exchange and/or re-distribute unused or unwanted resources. To provide a mechanism for information flow, the DLAR maintains a Resource Exchange List. Here’s how it works:

  1. Investigators complete a Resource Exchange Form, identifying the specific animal related resource they either need or want to exchange. This could involve equipment (purchase, exchange or loan) or animals (transfer of unused animals or tissue sharing).
  2. The completed form will be automatically sent to the DLAR office. The office staff maintains a running Resource Exchange List.
  3. All exchange requests will remain on the list for two months, unless a shorter time is indicated on the form. At the end of two months, the request will be automatically deleted.
  4. Any research member with a University ID# and a DLAR security code can receive a copy of the list from the main office.
  5. The DLAR will only be responsible for maintaining the list and all communication and exchange of resources must be done between the two interested parties. Research personnel will be responsible for dealing with University Property control regulations if the exchange involves transfer of equipment.