Research Core Facilities

UPDATE 8/31/2023:

For the last decade plus the Office of Scientific Affairs, SOM, has managed the Life Sciences Building Biological Stock Room, and the University Tank Gas program.  This communication addresses potential changes that are upcoming as it pertains to these services:

  1. Effective October 1st, 2023 Tank Gas will be transitioning onto Wolfmart.  The iLab portal for Tank Gas will cease operation.  If you have iLab bookmarked for Tank Gas buying activity then you will be redirected to the Wolfmart login page.  Over the last three months, we have been working with Procurement on a transition plan so it will be a smooth transition  from iLab to Wolfmart. 
  1. In addition, we are working closely with Procurement towards a reimagined Biological Stock Room Program campus-wide.  As you know the national supply chain was greatly impacted during the Pandemic, and although we are recovering there is still much that needs to be addressed.  To that end, we have secured a strategic sourcing consultant who is helping us study and plan the future of the stock room.  We will provide updates as these plans evolve.  The process will involve contracted vendors presently selling through the Stock Room helping us with data to ensure that we have a viable and robust linkage to the products you so heavily rely on. 


SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine Research Core Facilities are managed and operated by the Office of Scientific Affairs. The goal of these facilities is to provide commonly used technologies to the campus and thus facilitate the research processes. The facilities are listed below.  Facilities noted by an * are operated and managed departmentally and do not report to the OSA: