Small-Animal PET/SPECT/CT in vivo Imaging Core

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About Us

Our core provides state-of-the-art PET, SPECT, and CT imaging of small animals with our Siemens Inveon integrated trimodal imaging system conveniently located in the main DLAR facility.  All 3 modalities can be accessed in a sequential manner, without removing the animal from the bed, thus providing a high degree of image registration. The PET component features a large field of view (9.9 cm transaxial x 12.7 cm axial), high spatial resolution (1.5 mm FWHM), and high sensitivity (6.8% coincidence).  The CT component provides anatomical information as well as attenuation correction for the PET.  It also has fully developed data processing software with all necessary quantitative corrections and multiple image reconstruction options (FBP, OSEM, MAP) as well as gating functions.  Animal handling equipment includes isoflurane anesthesia machine, rectal temperature probe with closed-loop heating pad, MouseOX physiological monitoring (real-time display and recording of arterial oxygenation, heart and respiratory rates from a single clip-on probe).  For quantitative radioactivity measurements of radiotracers/blood/plasma, the lab includes a Biodex Atomlab 500 dose calibrator integrated with a calibrated well counter  as well as standard equipment for handling blood samples.



  Internal External For-profit
Self-use $69/hr $82/hr $200/hr
Assisted $132/hr $155/hr $350/hr



Paul Vaska, PhD: Facility Director
HST 4-141

Jaclyn Brunner: Scanner operator/tech
Psychology A, 343C

Tom Zimmerman, DVM: DLAR Director and Vet
DLAR Main Office