Genomics Core Facility

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Introduction to Genomics Core Facility
The Stony Brook University Genomics Core Facility, founded in 2000, aims to provide scientists with the tools required to maximize their research related to genetics/genomics. The Genomics Core serves researchers at Stony Brook as well as researchers at other institutions, with a number of genomic technologies and expertise. We offer Sanger DNA sequencing; quantitative PCR analysis; Microarray Analysis, Affymetrix GeneChip and Agilent platforms; Luminex X MAP technology for transcript detection/quantification and various systems for sample quality control (capillary electrophoresis and fluorescent and spectroscopic characterization of the samples).

In addition to these traditional technologies, we offer pyrosequencing services. Pyrosequencing is a highly quantitative sequencing method that relies on the detection of light. It is used in a variety of applications, including analysis of the methylome, detection of rare/mosaic variants and population genotyping analysis. We have a PyroMark MD Pyrosequencer, which has a sensitivity of 2-5%. Using an individual approach to every customer, we consult on experiment design and controls, run the experiment and analyze the data to meet client’s needs.

We have an open door policy in our facility. Please stop by to discuss your project or tour the facility. We are always interested in new projects!

Services Offered:
DNA Sequencing Facility
Microarray Services (Gene Expression, miRNA and aCGH)
Digital PCR
Luminex bead assays on the Bio-Plex200
QIAxcel System (Formerly known as eGene) automated electrophoresis for standard (unlabeled) DNA
BioAnalyzer/Qubit Fluorometer
Single Cell Genomics

Consultation Service
We are available to aid in the design of assays and advise on the best tools/methods to use to answer any specific scientific question(s). We strongly advise users to discuss their project goals prior to embarking on the use of any given platform.

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