Single Cell Genomics

We offer the following 10X Genomics single cell services:

This facility also operates a TapeStation 4200, which allows rapid and automated electrophoresis of up to 96 samples for quality control of RNA and DNA libraries, and determination of RNA- and DNA Integrity Numbers (RIN and DIN).

Consultation on experimental design and workflow will be necessary prior to the beginning of a project. Detailed pricing information will also be provided at this time.

To schedule the consultation, to book a TapeStation run or for any other question, please contact Dr. Rosati by e-mail.

Additional support provided includes:

  • Assistance with optimization of sample preparation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Flexible hours to accommodate clinical or animal sample processing
  • Assistance with grant applications (methods, letters of support)

We are currently only serving internal investigators (Stony Brook University, Northport VAMC). External service may be possible, depending on the project. Please contact Dr. Rosati for more details.


SBU Single Cell Genomics

Director: Barbara Rosati, PhD.
Phone: 631-444-7350