The Genomics Core Facility is pleased to offer a variety of bioinformatics services to the Stony Brook University research community. Services offered include:

  • Differential gene expression analysis using RNA-seq data
  • Functional enrichment analysis
  • Transcriptome assembly and functional annotation
  • Germline variant calling (SNPs and small INDELs) from whole-genome or whole-exome sequencing data
  • Microbial genome assembly from short or long reads
  • Eukaryote genome assembly from long reads
  • Functional annotation and gene prediction for newly assembled genomes
  • DNA-binding site prediction from ChIP-seq data
  • Single Cell RNA-Seq QC and analysis
  • Protein structure prediction

Additional bioinformatics services will also be considered upon request. Analysis of sequence data produced at the Genomics Core facility will incur no additional cost. However, analysis of data produced elsewhere will be billed at a rate of $44 / hour. For any questions about bioinformatics services or to request a consultation, please contact:

Dave Carlson, PhD.