Transporting/Transferring Animals

Transportation of Animals Between DLAR Facilities

The DLAR husbandry and/or veterinary personnel are responsible for transporting all animals between DLAR facilities. If an investigator needs animals transferred between facilities he/she should complete the “Facility Transfer” form. The forms are available in the main DLAR office or on the FORMS tab at left. The completed form should be submitted in the main office or faxed to 444-8843.

There may be a $15/trip or a $60/hour handling fee assessed, depending on the number of cages requested to be transferred.

Transportation of Animals To Investigator Laboratories

If your IACUC permits you to take animals out of DLAR, the cage lids should remain in place and the entire cage covered with a sheet, towel, or Kraft paper located by the DLAR exit. The cages MUST be transported on one of the freight elevators for the HSC/BST and Life Sciences facilities.

Failure to adhere to the policy above may result in revocation of permission to remove animals from DLAR.

Internal Transfer of Animals

If an investigator wishes to transfer unused animals to another investigator, the following steps must be completed:

  1. An 'Animal Transfer Form' must be printed and filled out, signed by the Prinicipal Investigator, and brought to the DLAR main office. Hard copies of the form are also available in the DLAR office, or from the FORMS button at left.
  2. A veterinarian will verify that the investigator receiving the animals has IACUC approval for the species to be used and the procedures to be performed.
  3. The number of transferred animals will be deducted from the number of animals approved for use by the receiving investigator.
  4. The husbandry staff will then change the cage cards and move the animals.

If animals to be transferred have previously undergone surgery or extensive procedures, please contact a DLAR veterinarian (444-2194) to discuss whether transfer of these animals to another project would be appropriate.