BCC Policies

An appointment for statistical consultation is only available after filling out a project request form.

  1. There is no charge for the first hour of consultation. The current university proved charge rate is $66 - $82 per hour depending on the level of expertise required. Different fees apply for clients outside the Stony Brook University.
  2. For graduate students/medical students/clinical fellows, their advisor/mentor is required to attend the initial consultation meeting.
  3. All consultation requests with a project deadline must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the deadline to ensure sufficient statistical support.
  4. All resultant publications should acknowledge the provided statistical support appropriately. Typically short-term consulting is acknowledged in the appropriate section of the paper. Co-authorship should be granted if the statistician has been involved from study design to resultant data analysis, or is instrumental in analyzing the data, interpreting the results, and writing the statistical analysis section of the paper. Co-authorship is independent of consulting fee related to the project.
  5. For grant related consulting activities, there is no charge for all grant development for faculty members within the School of Medicine as long as adequate FTE of the participating biostatistician is built into the grant budget and depending on the nature of grant application the participating biostatistician should be included as a co-PI and/or co-investigator. To provide sufficient support to your application and hence increase your chance of getting your grant awarded, please contact us well before the deadline as the grant application deadlines tend to be clustered together.

All BCC policies have been approved by the BCC advisory committee