Real-Time PCR Supplies

The following materials for preparing real-time PCR samples are available through the UDSF:

  Internal User
ABI RT-PCR Plate for 7300 (Part#N801-0560) $3.38/plate
ABI Optical Adhesive Film (Part#4311971) $1.35/film
BIO-RAD PCR Plate for Opticon II (Cat#MLL9651) $4.07/plate
BIO-RAD Flat Caps Strips (Cat#TCS0803) $3.39/bag

All materials for RT-PCR are available for purchase at a discounted price at the DNA Sequencing Facility. Just come in and pick them up.

**It is the investigator's responsibility to provide samples in the appropriate plates and covered with the appropriate caps. Samples that are not in the correct plates or have the correct caps cannot be run.**