Project Request Through iLab

One can also use the iLab software at to submit a project request form.  

  • If you have a Stony Brook ID, click on the "here" link to log in. Use your Stony Brook NetID to login.
  • If you are an external user, please register for an iLab account prior to logging in to request services from Stony Brook Medicine cores. If you do not have an iLab account, you must register for an account by clicking on the "register" link on the first login page. To register, please complete all the fields and submit to iLab support. You will receive login credentials within an business day.
  • Once logged in, click on "List all Cores" on the left panel to find Biostatistical Consulting Core.
  • Click on the BCC name to be taken to the site.
  • Use the "Request Services" tab to request statistical support.

For members of the Stony Brook University community --access to iLab is maintained through the Electronic Record of Authorized Signatures (E-RAS) Online System. Your Stony Brook NetID is used to login to the system. Principle Investigators (PI) and their Delegates have already been granted access to iLab. In addition, an iLab user field has been created in ERAS that will allow you to give other members of you staff the ability to login to iLab and initiate service requests for approval by PI's and Delegates.