BCC Consulting Process

  1. An online project request form must be completed before the first meeting.
  2. A BCC consultant will contact each applicant to schedule an initial consultation appointment. These meetings will take place in the BCC office which is located in the Department of Family, Population and Preventive Medicine (Health Sciences Center L-3, RM 108) unless otherwise specified.
  3. For graduate students/medical students/clinical fellows, their advisor/mentor is required to attend the initial consultation meeting.
  4. Clients should bring to the first meeting as many of the following items as apply: 1- any documentation of your study, e.g. study proposal/plan, background introduction, draft manuscript, reference papers, etc; 2- all raw data.
  5. During the initial meeting, the consultant will give you an estimated timeframe for your project based on the project complexity and current workload. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) may be needed after the initial meeting. We will do our best to deliver complete and accurate analysis results within the projected estimate. However, if unanticipated problems arise with data processing due to size or quality of the data set or with data analysis, extra time may be needed, particularly to analyze large or unusual datasets. We will keep you updated if the estimated time frame dramatically changes and a new MOU may be needed.
  6. If you plan to prepare a grant proposal requiring a biostatistician collaborator, please contact BCC early in the planning process, preferably at the very beginning of planning stage. This will give us ample time to be familiar with the study and work with you to develop an efficient statistical study design.