The Freezer Farm is a service offered to laboratories to store research samples in a safe and reliable dry storage at ultra-low temperatures. The Freezer Farm is a great option for investigators with large sample collections that are not currently being used as part of an active project. Traditional freezer storage at the laboratory level is notoriously unreliable and takes up a lot of space in a lab, repairs to freezers are also costly and any loss of power to a freezer often coincides with the loss of valuable work. The Freezer Farm ensures that investigators will no longer have to worry about faulty freezers or power outages destroying their irreplaceable samples. There are numerous safety measures in place which will ensure that no loss of temperature ever affects the Freezer Farm. Storing samples in the Freezer Farm is also a great way to increase the available space in an investigator's own lab. Some investigators have large collections of samples which they are not currently using for research but which are valuable and may be needed in the future. Usually this would pose a problem for future projects by limiting the amount of new samples which could be collected. By transferring the samples into the Freezer Farm, investigators can free up space while knowing their samples are safe. The Freezer Farm offers peace of mind, increased space and opportunity for future research along with the storage of samples. 

How the process works:

All requests should be directed to the Freezer Farm manager at prior to submitting an iLab request. We will discuss your specific needs and develop a plan for you samples. Requests should be made by the owner of the samples or a designated representative of the owner. Space is charged per divider used, this equates to 2.86 cubic ft. or 25 standard 5 in. by 5 in. 81 slot freezer boxes. Rates can be found on the iLab requests page and vary based on institution. Boxes will be provided at no additional cost. The Freezer Farm prefers the use of their provided boxes to ensure everything fits within the dividers. The 81 slot grid can be removed if needed to store larger tubes. All samples stored within the Freezer Farm must fit within the confines of the box. Any requests for storage of larger items will need to be made on a case by case basis, contingent upon the Directors approval.

Upon making a request you will be asked to provide information about the number of samples you will need and the size of the samples. The Freezer Farm also needs any relevant IRB information and project titles. Please also indicate if the samples are part of a collection which will have more samples added to it. If you would like future samples to be kept together the Freezer Farm must be informed so space can be left open.

All samples transferred to the Freezer Farm must be accompanied by an excel file documenting exactly what the samples are and where they are located. More information on the layout of this inventory can be found on the Inventory Fact Sheet in the resources area. Once samples are in the Freezer Farm, the samples owner may request their return at any time. Samples will only be returned to the owner.