• Discovery and targeted proteomics
  • Identification and quantitation of post-translational modifications
  • Protein/peptide quantitation approaches using iTRAQ, SILAC, and cl-ICAT
  • Full service proteomics and small molecule analysis from sample preparation through biological interpretation


  • Analysis of multiple lipid classes, notably sphingolipids and ceramides
  • Large-cohort quantitative analysis is possible by use of internal 13C labeled standards
  • Tissue scanning lipidomics using Bruker TimsTOF and rapiFLEX


  • Multiple targeted GC- and LC- mass spectrometry platforms covering a range of metabolic pathways
  • Tissue scanning drug and metabolites using Bruker TimsTOF and rapiFLEX

Data Analysis

  • PhD and MSc analysts are available to assist with all phases of experimental design data analysis and interpretation
  • Recent addition of several software packages to enable multi-omic analysis to integrate the core data types