Infrastructure Awards for COVID-19 Related Research

The Infrastructure Award Program is looking to provide critical research infrastructure in support of COVID-19 basic, translational, and clinical research. Examples of infrastructure range from unique animal models to staffing needs to onboard vaccine trials or to support population-based studies of health outcomes.

Applicants interested in applying for an infrastructure award are asked to submit a letter of request to the Dean for Research. The letter of request should include information on the following:

  1. What infrastructure is being requested and the cost?
  2. Rationale and planned use for the request in terms of advancing COVID-19 research within the SOM.
  3. Sources for matching funds.
  4. Use of infrastructure for non COVID-19 research.
  5. Funded research that would directly benefit from the proposed infrastructure.
  6. Pending funding research that would benefit from the infrastructure.
  7. Plans for sustainability if relevant.

Eligibility: RSOM faculty all ranks.


  • Letters of request to be considered for the infrastructure award are due in the Research Dean’s Office by October 10, 2020.

Letters of request for infrastructure will be reviewed by the senior leadership and a full application will be solicited on merit and availability of funds.