School of Medicine Bridge Funding

Renaissance School of Medicine (RSOM) Bridge Funding Announcement
Faculty requiring bridging may ask for a total of up to $60K (up to 30K from the Dean’s office, to be matched by the same amount from their department).  A detailed budget and justification should be included.  Salary support for PIs on a 50% line will be considered. 
Established and early career investigators must specify requests in grant cycle terms and cannot exceed 12 months (two complete grant cycles [submission and review]). 

Packet for bridge funding must include:

  1. A letter to the committee requesting bridge funding that addresses items above.
  2. A current NIH style or equivalent biosketch and separate OTHER Support pages including active, pending, and completed extramurally funded research for the past 5 years.
  3. A letter from the department chair and signed by the department administrator indicating support of the application and matching funds for the budget.
  4. A copy of a recent unfunded, reviewed grant proposal, summary statement, response to summary statement and time frame for resubmission (Required for established investigators, recommended for early career investigators).  For unfunded applications, a response to review is required.  For unscored applications, it is strongly recommended that revised specific aims be shared with the committee.

Bridge funding cycles are announced 3 times/year during the months of July/August, November/December, and March/April.

RSOM faculty members must be in good standing with active research programs, and those that have not received bridge funding within the last three years, will be considered for bridge funding. Recommendations to support research bridge requests are considered by a standing committee on a case-by-case basis and reviewed on merit and need. Awarding of funds is based on the recommendations of the committee and on the availability of funds in each cycle.  

The deadline to submit applications is Monday, September 26, 2022.

Please contact Jacqueline Nicoletto at with any questions.